Socioeconomic Analysis Shows Significance of Fluoropolymers across Major Industries

Fluoropolymers Enable Key Products for Electronics, Transportation, Chemical and Industrial, Consumer Goods, Energy, Medical, and Building and Construction Industries

WASHINGTON (March 11, 2020) – FluoroCouncil – a global organization that represents the world’s leading companies that manufacture, formulate, or process fluoropolymers – released a major assessment of the U.S. fluoropolymer industry. The assessment was prepared with support from AGC, Chemours, Daikin and 3M, and developed by Wood Environment & Infrastructure Solutions, UK.

“Fluoropolymers are specialty materials that are used to make products vital to modern life, including cutting-edge healthcare applications, electronics like cell phones and laptops, and advanced transportation and aerospace applications, among many others,” said Jay West, representative for FluoroCouncil.  “As this report demonstrates, these chemistries are critical to a 21st century economy. Responsible product stewardship is a top priority for FluoroCouncil members, and as we make products that help drive our modern world, we are continually employing practices and technologies to minimize environmental emissions of these chemistries. We look forward to building on this record and continuing to help the world innovate.”

Click here for a summary of key findings, which include that the U.S. fluoropolymer industry:

  • Drove $2.1 billion in economic activity
  • Supported 13,500 jobs indirectly and hundreds of thousands more jobs are supported by industries that rely on fluoropolymers
  • Invested $150 million in R&D in 2018
  • Created a $520 million trade surplus

A shareable infographic can be found here.