First Responder Safety

FluoroTechnology often represents the difference between life and death for first responders, whether through its use in safety gear or firefighting foams.

The low surface tension and positive spreading coefficient of fluorinated surfactants make them ideal ingredients in the production of firefighting foam, used to fight Class B flammable liquid fires and provide both shorter extinguishment times and critical burnback resistance.

Clothing utilizing FluoroTechnology offers life-saving protection to first responders, whether by helping to deflect bullets or by maintaining performance of protective gear in the extreme environment of a fire.  

The use of FluoroTechnology in the emergency services industry supports more than 1,000 jobs in the U.S. and more than 9,000 jobs in Europe. Globally, FluoroTechnology materials and products specific to the emergency services industry generate a total of $15.1 billion in economic output.1

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1 Based on preliminary estimates of 2013 data by the American Chemistry Council.