FluoroTechnology plays a critical role in many alternative energy sources, leading to reduced emissions and energy costs. Thanks to the insulation properties and improved durability, efficiency and safety of fluoropolymers and fluorinated polymers, products such as lithium batteries, fuel cells and photovoltaic solar panels are possible.

Fluorinated polymers enable efficient electrolytic ionic migration, allowing for smaller, more efficient lithium batteries used in all types of electronics from automobiles to cell phones. Fluoropolymers provide chemical resistant membranes and dividers in fuel cells. They also provide the high vapor barrier, high transparency, superior weatherability, and flexibility to make solar panel front and back sheet films durable, extending product life.

The use of FluoroTechnology in the alternative energy industry supports more than 800 jobs in the U.S. and more than 2,000 jobs in Europe. Globally, FluoroTechnology materials and products specific to the alternative energy industry generate a total of 2.7 billion in economic output.1

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1 Based on preliminary estimates of 2013 data by the American Chemistry Council.