Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals

The chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturing processes rely on FluoroTechnology products to provide sterile, corrosion resistant coatings, linings and equipment, and to protect workers from exposure to hazardous chemicals. 

Fluoropolymers used in pipes, tanks, valve linings and hoses provide resistance to high heat and chemical insult, improving safety, increasing equipment durability, and reducing maintenance costs.  Fluoropolymers used in lubricants provide chemical and thermal stability to allow use in high temperature reactions with aggressive liquids and solvents without product contamination or reaction interference.

Fluorinated polymers applied to garments protect workers from exposure to hazardous chemicals.  In addition, fluorinated surfactants used in firefighting foams allow for the quicker extinguishing of solvent fires, resulting in saved lives and fewer injuries and protection of property to reduce asset losses.

The use of FluoroTechnology in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries supports more than 1,000 jobs in the U.S. and more than almost 2,000 jobs in Europe. Globally, FluoroTechnology materials and products specific to the chemical and pharmaceutical industries generate a total of $1.7 billion in economic output.1

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1 Based on preliminary estimates of 2013 data by the American Chemistry Council.