FluoroTechnology: Critical to Modern Life

The below linked Web pages highlight examples of the numerous industries that rely on FluoroTechnology to provide strength, resilience and durability to products that are critical to modern life. FluoroTechnology is essential to many important products, including: wire and cable insulation for computer and cell phone circuits to enable high-speed data transfer; high reliability hoses for aircraft and cars to reduce emissions; firefighting foams for extinguishing aircraft and oilfield fires; and processing chemicals for semiconductor manufacture. FluoroTechnology makes important products and vital industries possible and extends the life and productivity of products essential to families and businesses.


Products enabled by FluoroTechnology are resistant to high temperatures and interference from other substances, increasing reliability and helping to prevent fires from wiring and gauges in aircraft and automobiles—essential to help ensure safe travel. FluoroTechnology used in fuel delivery systems also contributes to increased fuel efficiency and reduced emissions.

In the building and construction industry, FluoroTechnology is widely employed in architectural membranes, paints and coatings where properties such as durability, UV resistance, and anti-corrosive properties lengthen the lifetime of infrastructure, facades, and surfaces.

Healthcare settings rely on FluoroTechnology in catheter and needle coatings, providing low-friction, clot-resistant coatings that increase patient comfort and safety; medical garments, providing protection from the transmission of diseases in bodily fluids during medical procedures; and high dielectric insulators, critical to defibrillators, pacemakers and imaging devices.

Products that rely on FluoroTechnology are beneficial to a wide range of industries that are major job creators. Globally, the FluoroTechnology industry was a $19.7 billion business in 2013. In 2013, more than $1.2 trillion of global manufacturing output included FluoroTechnology in either the end product itself, or in its processing, supporting more than 625,000 jobs in the U.S. and Western Europe.1

FluoroCouncil, the Global Industry Council for FluoroTechnology, represents leading companies that manufacture, formulate or process FluoroTechnology products. The FluoroCouncil and its member companies are committed to being responsible stewards of FluoroTechnology. All FluoroCouncil members were early adopters of the US EPA 2010/2015 Voluntary Stewardship Program, the goal of which is to eliminate PFOA from facilities emissions and product content by the end of 2015. The FluoroCouncil is advocating for policies that would turn this voluntary program into responsible global regulation. FluoroCouncil members continue working to introduce new products like short-chain chemistries that offer an improved environmental and biological profile while retaining the benefits of FluoroTechnology to our society and economy.

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1 Based on preliminary estimates of 2013 data by the American Chemistry Council.