What is FluoroTechnology?

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FluoroTechnology is the use of fluorine chemistry to create any fluorinated product. The scope of FluoroCouncil is focused on fluoropolymer products, fluorotelomer-based products, fluoro-surfactants and fluoro-surface property modification agents. These products provide strength, resilience and durability to a variety of products and industries which are critical to modern life.  FluoroTechnology is essential to many important products, including: wire & cable insulation for computer and cell phone circuits to enable high-speed data transfer; high reliability hoses for aircraft and cars to reduce emissions; firefighting foams for extinguishing aircraft and oilfield fires; and processing chemicals for semiconductor manufacture. FluoroTechnology makes important products and vital industries possible.

 High-tech circuit boards and solar panels are
 also improved with fluoro-technology.

FluoroTechnology is used in a variety of products, including fluoropolymers, fluorotelomer-based products, fluoro-surfactants, and fluoro-surface property modification agents. FluoroTechnology provides benefits that include improved safety, durability and fuel-efficiency in applications like cars and airplanesbuildings and electronics. Certain types of advanced semiconductors, tubing, piping and fuel-delivery systems used in the manufacturing, pharmaceuticalautomotive and aerospace industries are made with FluoroTechnology. Some high-tech circuit boards and solar panels are also enhanced with FluoroTechnology.

Fluorinated performance products are used to make products with enhanced surface properties, such as water, oil and stain resistance. Many textiles, such as carpeting and fabrics, are treated for stain-resistance with FluoroTechnology, making it easier to clean spills and pet stains and extending the life of carpets and clothing.