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The FluoroCouncil is a global organization representing the world’s leading FluoroTechnology companies. Founded in 2011, our membership includes companies that manufacture, formulate or process fluoropolymer products, fluorotelomer-based products, fluoro-surfactants, and fluoro-surface property modification agents. FluoroCouncil’s scope does not include fluorochemical products such as refrigerants, cleaning solvents and aerosols.

The FluoroCouncil and its members are committed to being responsible stewards of FluoroTechnology by supporting the transition toward new fluorinated products that offer similar application properties, but with reduced environmental and health impacts. The FluoroCouncil is engaged with governments and regulators at the national and international level to facilitate this global transition.

Over the last decade, the members of the FluoroCouncil have led research and development to introduce new FluoroTechnology products with improved environmental and toxicological profiles while retaining the great benefits of well-designed FluoroTechnology.

The members of the FluoroCouncil are leading the way in the introduction and adoption of this technology.

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