Welcome to the FluoroCouncil

FluoroCouncil, the Global Industry Council for FluoroTechnology, represents leading companies that manufacture, formulate or process FluoroTechnology products and promotes the sustainability of those products.

FluoroTechnology is the use of fluorine chemistry to create any fluorinated product.

The scope of FluoroCouncil is limited to fluoropolymer products, fluorotelomer-based products, fluoro-surfactants and fluoro-surface property modification agents. FluoroCouncil’s scope does not include fluorochemical products such as refrigerants, cleaning solvents and aerosols.

フルオロカウンシル にようこそ

FluoroCouncil は、世界の主要なフッ素技術企業を代表する世界規模の組織で、フッ素ポリマー及びフッ素テロマーベースの機能性製品に重点を置いています.

FluoroCouncil とそのメンバー会社は、フッ素技術-近代的生活や産業にとって不可欠な特性を持った製品をフッ素化学を使って創造する科学のいち分野-の責任を持ったスチュワード(管理責任者)になることを目指してまいります.